Affiliate Program


Students Interested In Becoming Part Of Our Team: 

December Bonus: sign up 1000 people by the end of December 2019 and receive a $2500.00 Bonus!!!

Offer is valid for every 1,000 signed up within the allotted time!

Just a few easy steps and you are on your way to creating a stream of income to get you to, through and beyond college. Once you set your friends and family up with this incredible service, you will be an expert in how it works and how to market it to others.

 Parents and Affiliates looking for an additional stream of income or a way to help your current or future students?  You are welcome to apply as well.

 Use your strengths and creativity as an entrepreneur to get your affiliate’s code out there, people sign up with your number and you get Paid.  It’s that simple!

You receive 40% of each subscription upon initial signup and 10% every month from each person you sign up who continue the service. Yes, as long as the people you sign up continue to pay their monthly fee, you will receive 10% month after month from each and everyone of them.

Example: If you have 1000 facebook friends and you get just 20% or 200 of them to sign up, you will receive $1500.00 from the initial sign ups and a recurring monthly income of $500.00 as long as they continue the service.  Keep adding people, make more money! And its world wide access, so reach out and have fun!